Project Introduction

SOCABABY is a platform functional token based on football events. By using NFT technology, it provides fans of all football clubs around the world with exclusive NFT products for the club. And tokens can also participate in business decisions around the club. Holders of SOCABABY can vote on various binding "fan decisions" issued by various football clubs through smart contracts. Holders of SOCABABY can participate in activities on the platform to obtain exclusive NFT rewards. In the future, SOCABABY can be staked to earn NFT rewards.

Project Features

1. Global football sports platform
Our platform uses SOCABABY globally as a currency to unite fans of the world's favorite football sport.

2. NFT and DAO
SOCABABY will actively integrate the business teams of various football clubs, and introduce more abundant peripheral products and NFTs. Users who hold SOCABABY can use tokens to make business decisions, and DAO autonomy will be fully realized in the later stage.

3. More commercial applications landed
In the future, we will use the profits created by SOCABABY to develop new businesses, including commercial advertising for football clubs. SOCABABY can be used to pay for in-platform advertisements, purchase your favorite club products and services, integrate commission-free sports transactions, and benefit more football. fan.

Development Roadmap

2021 Q2: Project feasibility study, early team formation;
2021 Q3: The team is formed, resources are organized, and economic model is designed;
2021 Q4: Confirmation of project development ideas and structure, and start product development;
Q2 2022: Tokens listed on PancakeSwap, early limited collection of NFTs on sale
The Q3 of 2022: The football club business platform is officially launched, creating a comprehensive sports platform around football.
The Q4 of 2022: comprehensively expand the sports business ecology, and allow more fans to join football sports business activities.
2023: Football fans will be fully DAO organization, users will jointly develop the SOCABABY economy, and expand the ecology and influence of the platform


Liquidity 49.5%
Pre-sale 49.5%
Fund 1%